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  • Xuzhou Durable Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd.
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    About usXuzhou Durable Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd.
    Xuzhou Durable Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd. Xuzhou Durable Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a comprehensive company engaged in domestic sales and international business of machine and parts of engineering machinery. Founded in 2015, Xuzhou Durable Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd relying on the largest construction machinery production base in China- XCMG, mainly focus in the various of machine and components produced by XCMG. In the past few years, we has brought Chinese products to all over the world by honest and efficient working style, as well as professional, humanized and thoughtful service.
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    NewsXuzhou Durable Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd.
    XCMG-XTR260, Star Machine of Montenegro Bar-Boljare HighwayRecently, Pajkov Vir Tunnel of Montenegro Bar-Boljare Highway was successfully c...
    Self-Made Chassis Rotary Drilling Rig with the Largest Tonnage Exported by China - XCMG XR460D Assists Zijing No.1 Project in Phnom PenhXCMG XR460D, a self-made chassis rotary drilling rig with the largest tonnage ex...
    A Force to be Reckoned with: XCMG's Green Technology SolutionsSustainability is not a new concept in the construction machinery industry. In f...
    Overseas Customers Care Trip--Shantui Visits Customers of High Hp Bulldozer in RussiaThe Service Support Department starts a care trip to overseas customers of high ...
    Xuzhou Durable Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd.Our advantages
    Technological Strength

    Advanced production line, strict quality control and reliable factory to provide guarantee for the quality of all equipments.

    Professional Team

    Professional staves assists inspection, encasement and shipments. Dependable team secures customs clearance. And qualification authentication.

    Gold Medal Service

    Always prepared overseas technicist with brilliant after-sale service. Point to point accessories service sites to solve customers worries.

    Safe Transportation

    Reliable shipping company to ensure the safety of products. Diversified ways for economic, efficient and efficient shipments.

    2 Units SHANTUI Bulldozer delivered toAlgeria in MarchThis week we exported two units SHANTUI SD16 to Algeria.SHANTUI Bulldozer is pop...2018-11-11
    4 units XCMG XP203 delivered to South Africa...2018-11-11
    2 units QY50KA delivered to Ethiopia...2018-11-11
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